Addsecure continues rebranding exercise with Navkonzept

Stockholm, Sweden

Addsecure acquisitions, Navkonzept, Connexas and Framelogic are now all rebranded and unified under the Addsecure name.

German Fleet Management solutions provider, Navkonzept, has now rebranded as Addsecure, following the acquisition of the company in July 2020.

Aligning under the same name and branding, the companies will work towards the shared goal of helping the transport and logistics industry become more efficient and sustainable through the smart solutions offered.  This follows on from the other recent Addsecure acquisitions, Connexas and Framelogic, which have also just rebranded to reflect their new Addsecure name and ownership.

Now, with Navkonzept operating together under the name Addsecure, the widest range of software solutions will become available to new and existing customers in the German Transport and Logistics industry.

The acquisition last year was a logical step and growth opportunity for both Addsecure and Navkonzept, as their complimentary focuses and market offerings would together present customers in Germany, and across Europe, with a greater portfolio of solutions.

The rebranding and inclusion of Navkonzept into Addsecure's Smart Transport business will enable customers to gain unified access to business-critical data, from one state-of-the-art solution. The companies also welcome a combined wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, helping transport companies to digitise their businesses and realise their efficiency goals.

Navkonzept’s established offering includes services and solutions in telematics, vehicle tracking, monitoring driver’s hours, route optimisation, driver ID checks, temperature monitoring, theft protection, automated tachograph remote download, and much more.

Transport companies with fleets of light and heavy commercial vehicles can make assertive decisions on operational costs, resource utilisation, and how to operate sustainably with the help of smart solutions that deliver essential business data. Moreover, with the ever-growing pressure from global sustainability and e-commerce, the availability of real-time data is increasingly valuable.

“Digitisation is changing the entire transport and logistics industry. More than ever, a data-driven approach is an important requirement to remain competitive in the future. Working with the team from Navkonzept from a unified company name will strengthen our ability to deliver secure IoT communications by combining local expertise with a global offering,” said Johan Frilund, President of Addsecure Smart Transport.

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