Ability and LED Vision join forces on AI in Malaysia

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan’s Ability Enterprise, a leading OEM/ODM solution provider for smart AI cameras, has partnered with LED Vision, a leading provider for LED products and IoT systems in Malaysia.  The partnership sees the deployment of Clear-Sight edge-based AI cameras along with LED Vision’s Advan CTi, a central management software platform for city lighting, camera, and traffic intelligence, in Malaysia for smart city traffic management.

Long commutes and poor traffic conditions are often a problem, especially in the many overly crowded cities in Asia with growing vehicle numbers and increasing numbers of residents. One study suggests that Malaysians on average waste 53 minutes in traffic every day. Local authorities are also looking for new technologies and solutions to mitigate the increasing traffic at every road intersection. “Ability’s edge-based smart AI camera with integrated Intel Movidius Myriad-X VPU and full support for Intel Distribution of Open Vino Toolkit is a quick and powerful answer to such challenges”, commented Jonny Wu, Director of Ability Enterprise in Taiwan, “and we are delighted to help LED Vision with rolling out their Advan CTi project in Malaysia”.

“LED Vision’s business started with LED related products including street lights, traffic lights and LED displays. But very soon we saw the tremendous market demand and business opportunity for AI enabled IoT solutions in smart city and traffic management”, said James Wong, CEO of LED Vision. “Our entire Advan CTi platform is complemented by several modules, for example CTi Light for outdoor lighting network monitoring and control, CTi Data for repository of data collected by various IoT sensors, and CTi Traffic for AI enabled urban traffic analytics and control.”

The CTi Traffic smart traffic solution was rolled out in three phases as a joint project with the local government JKR Melaka and the UTeM university.

In the first phase the existing traffic statistics were collected and analysed. With Clear Sight AI cameras installed at every enrolled road intersection, the local authority was able to obtain timely and accurate traffic data such as number plate and classification of each vehicle, the queue length and waiting time at each intersection, journey time for a particular vehicle from one intersection to the next, and traffic flow at any given intersection including the number of vehicles travelling in each direction and making turns, etc. These statistics can be visualised in real-time on a centralised dashboard and hence an origin-destination travel matrix can be derived accordingly for a given time.

In the second phase a number of different traffic optimisation strategies were developed for later comparison and validation. Some of these strategies adopted the latest deep learning algorithms with real-time traffic statistics data to derive the best cycle and timing for traffic lights.

In the third phase, the traditional radar and loop detectors at each enrolled junction were replaced with an integrated edge AI traffic cabinet for real-time control. The validated field result from phase 3 indicated that travelling time had been improved by 33.5% on average.

“We are pleased with the quality and performance delivered by Ability’s smart AI cameras”, continued James. "In addition to the robust and powerful edge camera hardware, the customised SDK Tool provided by Ability also allowed our engineering team to seamlessly integrate both the Open Vino AI model and smart traffic junction application logics to run inside the camera. All in all, we are happy and grateful for the support we are getting from Ability."


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