2011 Detektor International Awards winners announced

Stockholm, Sweden

The winners: Björn Adméus from Sony, Helene Doret from Morpho and Björn Gysell from Alarmtech.

The Detektor International Award ceremony was held at the Sectech-dinner at the Rica Talk Hotel in Stockholm this week, the Best Product winners were Sony, Morpho and Alarmtech.
The Detektor International Award ceremony was held at the Sectech-dinner at the Rica Talk Hotel in Stockholm on the 18th of October. The twelve products awarded as finalists were chosen on the basis of both innovation and customer orientation. Sony won the Best CCTV product award, Morpho won the award for the Best Access control product and Alarmtech won the award for the Best alarm and detection product.

The Detektor International Award was introduced in 2000 to reward manufacturers of products and services that stand up to the criteria of outstanding innovation and contribution to the advancement of the security industry. The Detektor International Award is an independent prize and as such companies cannot nominate their own products. Instead, the nomination is conducted by the editorial board of Detektor. This selection criteria is the main reason why it has become one of the most prestigious awards in the global security market.

The jury consists of nine members from three continents: Europe, Asia and America. The criteria for a product to be nominated for a Detektor International Award encompasses not only the technical solution but also the packaging and over all presentation of the product, which actually could equally as well be a service. The three product categories for the awards are Access Control, Alarm and Detection, and CCTV. The overall winner in each category received the award for “Best Product”, the second received the “Highly Commended Award” and third place winners were presented with the “Innovative Achievement Award”.

The Access Control category
The "Best Product Award" in the Access Control category went to Morpho from France for its Morphoaccess VP Series, a terminal which combines RFID Mifare Desfire, finger vein and fingerprint technologies.

“This unique multimodal biometric access control solution shows – once again – the power of innovation within the security market”, declared the panel of judges as the motivation for selecting the Morphoaccess VP Series as the overall winner in the Access Control category.

The "Highly Commended Product Award" was awarded to Paxton from the UK for the Net2 Caller, a reader where the user can open a door at even the most remote sites from any location, without actually having to be present to swipe a token.

The "Innovative Achievement Award" in the Access Control category this year was shared by Assa from Sweden – for Cliq Remote, a system that offers functionality for remote access control – and Mobotix from Germany – for T24, a video IP door station based on the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP.

The Alarm & Detection category
The "Best Product Award" in the Alarm and Detection category went to Alarmtech from Sweden, for the SAS Novator, a swarming agents system where every cell is autonomous and can work independently from others executing tasks realised within its resources.

The motivation of Detektor International’s panel of judges was: “A highly intelligent system that really brings a new dimension to the intruder alarm market.”

The "Highly Commended Product Award" in the Alarm and Detection category was given to Texecom from the UK for Ricochet, a self healing alarm system with mesh networking wireless technology.

The Alarm and Detection "Innovative Achievement Award" was shared by RSI Video Technologies from France – for its XTO, a control panel designed for outdoor commercial applications – and Schrack Seconet from Austria for its Integral IP MX, an IP-based fire alarm system.

The CCTV category
The "Best Product Award" in the CCTV category went to Sony for the The Hybrid camera, the industry’s first network camera capable of simultaneously transmitting both analogue SD and digital HD images over a single coaxial cable. This choice, by Detektor International's panel of judges, was explained by the following motivation:

“The Hybrid Camera proves – once again – Sony´s innovational ability to introduce smart, useful and cost effective security camera products”.

The "Highly Commended Product Award" in the CCTV category was given to Videoiq from the USA for Icvr-HD, a camera with built in self calibrating video analysis and up to half a terabyte of intelligent, onboard NVR storage.

The "Innovative Achievement Award" of the CCTV category was shared by Axis Communications from Sweden – for Axis Q1602/-E, a camera which is highly sensitive to low light and allows the camera to ‘see’ even in dark conditions – and Milestone Systems from Denmark, for Xprotect Enterprise 8, an open platform IP video management software for medium and large-scale installations.

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