What is OSDP and Why Upgrade Your Access Control System?

What is OSDP and Why Upgrade Your Access Control System?

A secure facility is priority number one. However, while modern credential and reader technology is being adopted for physical access control solutions, research shows that organizations continue to utilize legacy communication protocols creating vulnerabilities and risk. Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) delivers benefits and advantages that enhance security while lowering cost.

The introduction of Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) ten years ago shifted the world of access control capabilities and yet end users aren’t fully aware of what it is or its advantages.

In this free Ebook, HID Global explores the vulnerability of legacy protocols such as Wiegand, and the benefits and practical improvements of utilizing OSDP over other protocols.

Download the ‘Demystifying OSDP’ eBook for information on:

  • The limitations and vulnerabilities associated with old communication protocols
  • How OSDP creates greater security and operational efficiency
  • Advantages and benefits established with OSDP
  • Methodologies to move toward OSDP

Download the Ebook

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