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Taipei, Taiwan

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GeoVision has released a number of AI-powered VMS functions to perform cognitive tasks, including face recognition, human detection, vehicle detection, and appearance classification, for security professionals to minimize the hassle that goes with 24/7 surveillance, like constantly having to keep track and analyze video data.

Whether you realize it or not, AI is now playing a pivotal role in real-time surveillance, with human-like discernment to help relief security guards from repetitive duty.

Amongst the entire video analytics base on AI, face recognition and object identification have been the two most widely deployed functions across industries. With the idea to automate security routine work, GeoVision develops a series of AI-powered functions that help to save manpower of organizations and increase productivity.

Guard force of the future by AI-powered video analytics

GV-AI Guard is a full-featured video management software (VMS) with AI-powered video analytics. GV-AI Guard, also based on deep learning technology, provides accurate and faster means to filter and sort human and vehicles by specific features, like shapes or colors, for tailored security demands and controls.

With current video analytics that provide human and vehicle detection, GV-AI Guard provides wizard for several event alerts including intrusion for setting up virtual fence, wrong-way detection for detecting vehicles travelling wrong direction, vehicle and pedestrian counter for collecting traffic data collection, violation stay for parking violation, and mandatory crossroad stopping for stop sign violation.

GV-AI Guard has been wildly installed at school campus for benefits that extend beyond security. For one it can be set up as virtual fence with much reduced false alarm caused by short-lived objects such as animals. Second it helps to detect vehicles that violate traffic regulations that may cause danger to pedestrians around campus.

Edge-based face recognition to meet post-COVID new normal

Offices post-COVID era undergo drastic changes, with new ‘touch-free’ as new normal for improved and hygienic operation. GV-FR Panel, an all-in-one edge-based face recognition panel, is an innovative solution that is designed to be fast deployed with existing infrastructures at lower cost. When integrated with time & attendance systems, it effectively helps organizations with staffing, scheduling, and avoid time fraud.

A new installation has been deployed in a chemical company at its busy loading area, to authorize truck with assigned driver. The addition of GV-FR Panel has completed the vital part of inbound processes management.

10 faces in 1 second, position-free face recognition for high-volume locations

GV-AI FR (face recognition), based on deep learning technology, can recognize 10 faces at the same time, allowing accurate and fast access for high-volume locations.

GeoVision’s recent installations have been to offices and factories with at least over 100 employees in a single location. The position-free and quick face recognition in GV-AI FR has speeded up the process of access control, which comes handy in high-volume situation such as morning peak when most of the employees clock-in.

When integrated to GV-VMS, a video management software, it provides face recognition ability for up to 8 channels of IP cameras.

When integrated to GV-ASManager, an access control management software, it turns the system into a face recognition access control, with liveness detection, for faster check-in, better greeting, and more security.

Third party access controller or time & attendance systems can also enjoy the new technology through GV-AI FR Server API.

GeoVision continues to bring AI technology to its video management system and control centers, making AI approachable and actionable for security professionals.

About GeoVision

GeoVision Inc. is a manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems founded in 1998 in Taiwan. (Taiwan Stock Exchange Code: 3356). For nearly 20 years of research and development accumulated in video surveillance products, GeoVision is a now a leading digital and networked video surveillance company that has customers in 110 countries worldwide.

As one of the top security 50 companies in the world, GeoVision specializes in R&D and manufacturing of professional-grade DVR systems, NVR systems and IP cameras. Our award-winning GV series megapixel IP cameras has a wide range of models and functions from 1.3 megapixels to 12 megapixels that provide supreme video quality and video analytics for professional users. GeoVision's is also featured with its technical edge on total solutions of video surveillance. 

GeoVision has regional subsidiaries in Tokyo Japan, Calif. the USA, Prague Czech Republic, Vendôme France, and Sao Paulo Brazil. These subsidiaries provide sales, technical support, specs consultation, RMA, and logistics services. The USA subsidiary has 4 offices in New York, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Montreal Quebec. GeoVision's products are sold to commercial end customers by distributors, system integrators, and installers around the world. The products of the GeoVision brand have been applied to a broad field of industries such as retail, commercial, government, transportation, hospitals, gaming, and residence.

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