Increase security and save costs with an open PSIM Platform

Control center equipped with an open PSIM Platform.

Control center equipped with an open PSIM Platform.

As networking and digitization continues to advance, it is important for people to work with technical systems that can be operated in a clear and intuitive way. Nowadays, the market offers a multitude of systems providing a mass of information which is hard to keep track of – whether from security management, building automation, communication technology, IoT and Data Mining.

The unification of numerous sensor data is the only logical solution: A PSIM platform consolidates information from all connected systems and prepares it for easy further processing. Not only the current status of subsystems, e.g. CCTV, access control, fire alarm, HVAC or communication systems, is displayed in a single user interface, but complete subsystem control and central data management is enabled.

The use of a central PSIM platform reduces training costs and data maintenance effort. The platform provides dynamic workflows (Standard Operating Procedures/SOPs) that in case of an event, it is easy to manage even for personnel less experienced and thus increases security.

Free choice of technical installations

A PSIM platform is independent of the installed technical subsystems, i.e. vendor-neutral. It is the customer who should be enabled to freely decide which technical systems they would prefer to deploy – on the one hand, with regard to cost planning, but on the other hand to choose which system is most suitable for their internal processes and the existing technical infrastructure. An open PSIM platform integrates technical subsystems via manufacturer-specific interfaces to enable unified system control. This offers the user the advantage that further subsystems from any manufacturer can be added at a later stage or to renew existing hardware at any time.

Automatic system interactions

Without a PSIM, the systems installed in a building are disparate – they detect specific sensor states, e.g. the door of a storage room that has been left open, but this information is isolated and no other systems are involved – so what action has to follow? For many organizations the procedure to deal with such an event has to be checked in one or even several paper based manuals for the operator to understand, who is to be informed about the incident, what actions have to be taken and even then they are required to go to the relevant location to close the door. Furthermore there is often no control mechanism in place ensuring that the operator follows the internal security guidelines.

Unified control of all technical systems in the building.
Unified control of all technical systems in the building.

Another example would be an unauthorized access attempt: Security operators in the control room will often not pay great attention to such an event due to the frequency as they will be overwhelmed with these. By using a PSIM platform that consolidates information from all subsystems and prepares it for the user, those incidents will be detected that are really critical and the single subsystems interact automatically, i.e. if there is an unauthorized access attempt, the cardholder’s personal data is automatically transmitted to the control center, the relevant video cameras located at the door are displayed, etc. This enables the operator to immediately assess the situation and determine whether this is in fact the card holder or that the person attempting to access the building is an unknown person in possession of an access card, thus presumably the card holder has lost their card, or it has been stolen and an unauthorized person is attempting to enter the building or a secured area.

Full overview of the situation

Operators are furthermore provided with tools such as SOPs that are individually adapted to the incident, floor plans and event-related video sequences enabling them to get a full picture of the situation. A mobile app for smartphone/tablet enables additional verification of the incident and acts like a sensor: Employees on site can be informed by the control center about the situation, including the related video sequence, and in return they can take pictures of the person attempting to access with their mobile device and re-transfer those to the control center.

Open architecture and cost-efficient PSIM platform

Advancis is a global leader in vendor-neutral PSIM with offices and certified integration partners around the world. Founded in 1994, the company has its headquarters based close to Frankfurt in Germany.

Features of the open PSIM Platform WinGuard.
Features of the open PSIM Platform WinGuard.

The open PSIM platform WinGuard is used in numerous projects in over 70 countries. It is scalable from a single workstation to an internationally cross-linked control center and can be extended anytime by the addition of further servers and clients. Currently, over 450 interface drivers to different systems of security, building management, communication, ticketing, Computer Aided Dispatch and IoT technologies are available.

Made in Germany

Development of new interfaces is possible, providing customers freedom of choice with regard to their technical systems. WinGuard is developed exclusively in Germany at the company’s headquarters.

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