Perimeter surveillance - Part 3 of 5

A nimble and reassured perimeter surveillance solution

Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that utilises cameras has several advantages: The ability to watch events in real-time, obtaining key data around those events, and providing solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement. Hikvision Acusense technology provides just that!

Empowered by deep learning algorithms, Acusense technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects. The result is a striking reduction in false alarms – now with an accuracy approaching 98%. In this way, security personnel can focus on genuine security issues and take action.

There are many application scenarios where Acusense technology helps create that “sense of safety”.


Whether people choose to keep an eye on their houses themselves or hire professional service providers to do it, there are two functions they can rely on with Acusense:

Prompt notification via smartphone – it’s always good to have first-hand information to check on the safety of properties. When applied with AcuSense, they’ll get a notification on the App or via SMS when an alarm is triggered.

Light and sound intruder deterrence – cameras with Acusense can be set to react to intrusion events with a flashing light and customisable siren, alerting any would-be intruder that they are being monitored and have already been spotted.

Restricted areas

Restricted areas or dangerous areas usually have signage to warn about danger. However, people ignore these signs from time to time, resulting in serious consequences, trespassing in highsecurity zones. With an Acusense camera, property owners or administrators can customise an audio message to be sent when the camera detects someone attempting to enter the area.


Factories and warehouses store high-value raw materials or commodities. Security here is crucial. However, using manpower for 24 hours patrolling is no easy task. With Acusense technology, those facilities are able to:

Replace security patrols with camera monitoring – Acusense technology greatly improves perimeter monitoring efficiency and ensures that limited human resources can be deployed only where most needed.

Have accurate trespassing alarm for human targets – factories and warehouses mostly deal with human intrusion events, which might turn into burglary or vandalism. Accordingly, Acusense devices can be configured to send alerts only upon the detection of a human intrusion.

The latest generation of Hikvision Acusense products deliver:

• Improved alarm accuracy, now approaching 98% powered by an upgraded deep learning algorithm to analyse live video streams and label them as “human,” “vehicle,” or “other events.”

• Enhanced motion detection with human / vehicle classification. Products are designed to integrate human and vehicle classifications with motion detection, so customers can enjoy the same level of alarm accuracy afforded by Hikvision’s Acusense technology.

• Flashing light and two-way voice conversation. Security personnel can communicate with the person who triggered the alarm to confirm their authorisation, thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone in the camera.

• Better performance in low-light environments. The latest Acusense camera lenses are equipped with an aperture reaching up to F1.4, allowing more light to enter the lens for optimised image brightness.

• Larger detection area. The new generation of Acusense products extends target classification distances to 20, 25, or 30 metres, depending on the model.

“Hikvision introduced its cutting-edge Acusense technology in its EasyIP product line in 2018, with the idea of making intelligent alarms and services available to small businesses and residential customers for the first time,” says Frank Zhang, President of International Product and Solution Centre at Hikvision. “In a nutshell, Acusense technology enables security personnel to focus on human and vehicle events rather than insignificant objects, so they can act more efficiently which helps save time and costs, while end users can get full control of their security system anytime, from anywhere.”

Note: This editorial article has primarily been produced for the security trade magazine Detektor in collaboration with

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