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Hikvision launches World’s first ‘Deep Learning’ embedded NVR

Hikvision has launched the Deepinmind network video recorder (NVR)’—the world’s first embedded NVR benefiting from ‘Deep Learning’ functionality. This intelligent NVR effectively ‘learns’ to identify people captured by video surveillance cameras. The NVR will also learn to filter out false alarms that would have previously been triggered by non-threatening moving objects. This new 32-channel iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S NVR will be the first in Hikvision’s new range of Deepinmind products.

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Dahua Airport Solution is a unified security system combining multi-functional HD surveillance cameras with deep-learning AI.

Dahua Airport Solution features thermal imaging technology

Though it has been statistically proven that taking a plane is no more risky than taking a bus, people do have reasons to put extra caution on air travel safety, especially in a time replete with terrorist threats. A major line of defence must be the various sections of the airports, which, as the gateway to the outside world and transportation hubs of the city, has always been at the top of the safety list for governments and all related authorities. Now, Dahua has launched its Airport Solution, an intelligent security system to help ensure the safety of the airports.

Product News

Dahua to launch Smart City solution

Recognising that cities today must pay more attention to protecting people and properties Dahua is set to launch a new smart and integrated urban solution. It is evident to anyone with access to global news that now even the most developed cities are faced with huge safety threats, ranging from terrorist attacks aimed at highly-populated areas and historically significant places to road accidents that are on the increase in line with the increase in vehicle numbers. 

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