Exhibitor information

SECTECH - Expo & Seminars, Stockholm
21-22 November 2017

(Stockholm International Fairs) 

Opening hours
Exhibition opening hours:
Tuesday, 21 November, 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday, 22 November, 09:00 - 17:00

Exhibitors have access to the exhibition area one hour prior to opening and 30 minutes after closing.

Building and dismantling hours:
Moving in: Monday, 20 November, 07:00 – 22:00
Tuesday, 21 November, 07:00-09:00

Moving out: Wednesday, 22 November, 17:00 – 24:00
Thursday, 23 November, 07:00 – 16:00

Move in and move out via the loading dock, which entrance is between the B and the C hall at the eastern entrance. The entrance directly to the exhibition is also used for moving-in and moving-out.

During the actual moving-in and moving-out periods, children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the premises. Removal of goods and empty packing materials, left behind by the exhibitor will be charged to the exhibitor.

The price for the stands:
6 sqm: SEK 31.800
12 sqm: SEK 44.500

A registration fee of SEK 4.200 is added to the stand cost.

As the number of stands is limited, it is important to book a stand quickly.
To reserve a stand, please contact Deniz Baykal on tel: +46 8 556 306 80 or by email:

Stand equipment
Stands are equipped with:
- White walls (aluminum profiles)
- Carpet (15 colours to choose from, please see the event service catalogue, page 49: http://ipaper.ipapercms.dk/StockholmsmassanAB/2017/eng/)
- 1 electrical outlet 230V/10A/2000W
- 1 sign with company name (black text on white background)
- Spotlights, 1 spotlight per wall metre (placed on the back wall)
- Cleaning all days
- Furniture – Free selection as listed in Stand Package Easy D (Stand_Package_Easy D_Sectech_2017_eng.pdf)

If your selections of carpet and furniture have not been made by 30 October, your stand will be equipped with the following:
- Blue carpet
- 2 black folding chairs
- 1 white desk with storage unit (104 cm high, 98 cm wide, 50 cm Deep)

Height construction
It is not allowed to build stand constructions or hang signs above the height of 2,5 metres.

Additional stand equipment
Place you order at Event Service at Stockholmsmässan.
+46 8 749 44 44 or eventservice@stockholmsmassan.se
To see all our products and equipment, please visit:

Important! Order in time – save money, order additional stand equipment before 30 October 2017.
For the best possible service from Stockholmsmässan and to be sure of getting the products and services you need – order in good time. This will allow us to deliver services of a higher quality and will also save you money.

If you order no later than 3 weeks before the official moving-in date, we reward you by offering the lowest price for construction and stand equipment. Orders received later than 30 October 2017, are subject to a 30% surcharge on the price up until the moving-in date. If you order during the official moving-in period or the actual event, a 50% surcharge will apply.

The surcharge applies to all products priced in the Service Catalogue. However, prices for plants, wireless Internet connection, parking permits, exhibitor Insurance and stand catering are not affected.
Last date to order stand equipment at the lowest price is 30 October 2017.

Service Centre and shop
At Service Centre you will get help during the exhibition with additional stand orders, goods deliveries etc. Service Centre is open during official moving in and out and during the exhibition.


Standard company insurance does not normally cover trade fairs. We therefore recommend that you review what your insurance covers. In collaboration with IF Skadeförsäkring, Stockholmsmässan has put together a simple insurance policy for exhibitors. Please phone Event Service, +46 8 749 44 44 for more information.

Goods address
(Add the letter T before stand number)
Stockholmsmässan, Godsmottagningen
Sectech 2017
"Company name"
T + "Stand number"
Parkeringsvägen 10
SE-125 80 Stockholm (Älvsjö)
(Postal address: Stockholmsmässan, 125 80 Stockholm)

Goods handling
For information, please see the Event Service Catalogue, pages 96-97:

Exhibitor badges
Exhibitor badges should be visibly worn at all times. Exhibitor badges give access to the exhibition area one hour prior to opening and 30 minutes after closing, as well as during moving in and out. Each exhibiting company can acquire 10 exhibitor badges by e-mailing info@sectech.nu. Each individual that will need a badge must be named in an e-mail no later than November 6. The badges can be picked up at the entrance on Monday, November 20, after 3 pm.

Work pass

Work passes to stand builders are handed out at the exhibition during move in, ask the guards by the doors or the personnel in the Service Centre.

Stand catering

Food and beverages to your stand is ordered from Mässrestauranger at phone:
+46 8-727 72 40 or montercatering@stockholmsmassan.se

Alcohol Regulations

In accordance with Swedish alcohol laws, all alcohol served must be purchased by the holder of the serving license at Stockholm International Fairs, Mässrestauranger AB. Mässrestauranger AB is thus responsible for the serving of all alcoholic beverages on the premises. It is not allowed to serve alcohol before 11 am.
Exhibitors who wish to serve alcoholic beverages must contact Mässrestauranger AB, phone +46 8 727 72 02 for help with the arrangements.


Meet – restaurant at second floor at Scandic Talk
Mingle – first floor at Scandic Talk (bar menu)

Room reservation – Scandic Talk Hotel
Call +46 8 5888 2000 to make a reservation.

Mässvägen1, Älvsjö
SE-125 80 Stockholm
Ph: +46 8 749 41 00
Fax: +46 8 99 20 44
E-mail: info@stockholmsmassan.se
Directions / Map - http://www.stockholmsmassan.se/prior-to-your-visit/prior-your-visit/how-to-find-us

Parking area below Hall-C
SEK 350 / 3-4 days, choose the Exhibitors button on the parking machine.
All prices are including tax.
If you stay at Scandic Talk you can use the parking area below the hotel.


Manned wardrobe is located next to the Exhibition.

Invitation cards / Tickets
Invite your customers to Sectech! Log on to Event Planner and create your invitations: http://eventplanner.stockholmsmassan.se.

Entrance fee for visitors

Pre-register and get free entrance to the exhibition. Register here: https://ticket.stockholmsmassan.se/sectech

Sectech is a trade fair. Children under the age of 15 are only allowed access if accompanied by an adult.

Security banquet
The Security Banquet will be held 21 November, 2017, close to the exhibition. As usual, the security industry is represented by both Scandinavian and International guests as Detektor International Awards will be presented during a three course dinner. The evening will not only consist of good food and the prestigious Detektor International Award, but also good entertainment.
For prices and more information, see http://www.sectech.nu/se/en/about-the-banquet.asp

Contact us for more information
AR Media International AB
Deniz Baykal - project manager
Phone: +46 8 556 306 80
Mobile: +46 73 987 53 33
E-mail: deniz.baykal@armedia.se
For questions about Stockholmsmässan's products and services, contact Eventservice: Ph: +46 8 749 44 44