Suprema technology Integrates with Identa Master

Seoul, Korea

Identa Master/Identa Master Pro works with a wide range of fingerprint scanners, the company has made its latest integration with Suprema Biomini Slim 2.

Suprema's latest Biomini Slim 2 fingerprint scanner is now integrated into Identa Master / Identa Master Pro, a biometric matching system from Identa Zone.

Offered by Identa Zone, a New York-based biometrics developer, Identa Master/Identa Master Pro is said to be ready to revolutionise the biometrics market by offering the first system of its kind designed for consumer and enterprise use.

Identa Master/Identa Master Pro is an identity management and encryption with biometric authentication solution that is compatible with and interoperable with a variety of biometric devices and biometric technologies currently available on the market. While Identa Master/Identa Master Pro works with a wide range of fingerprint scanners, the company has made its latest integration with Suprema Biomini Slim 2, a range-leading FAP20 fingerprint scanner.

Biomini Slim 2 is the latest innovation in fingerprint authentication from Suprema. Featuring the world’s slimmest (16mm in thickness) FAP20 optical sensor, the new Biomini Slim 2 produces unrivalled fingerprint image quality and range-leading features, including Suprema’s proprietary Multi-dynamic Range(MDR) technology, FBI PIV/FIPS 201/Mobile ID FAP20 compliance, full speed USB 2.0 interface and Android device support.

Michael Milgram, CEO of Identa Zone, is pleased about the successful and ever-growing partnership with Suprema, one of the world's leading biometric companies. He says, “We do not doubt that users of our solutions and services highly appreciate the high quality of various types of Suprema scanners, especially their newest scanner Biomini Slim 2, as well as other, already well proven Suprema scanners. Our numerous customers will be able to take advantage of our software, due to its interchangeability and interoperability, using it in their work, constantly improving the line of Suprema scanners.”

“At Suprema, we are thrilled to add Identa Zone to our expanding portfolio of supported biometric solutions,” says Bogun Park, CEO at Suprema ID Inc. “As Suprema focuses on the US market, we’d like to take symbiotic advantage of partnering with leading technology vendors like Identa Zone. With Suprema joining the Identa Zone ecosystem of technology partners, we will be able to provide full benefits of our Biomini range fingerprint scanners to customers worldwide.”


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