New series of UL electric door strikes

Irvine, Ca

Seco-Larm U.S.A., Inc. has started shipping the company's new UL listed electric door strikes.

The newly UL listed door strikes have been engineered to tackle almost any access-control project. This wide selection of door strikes makes it easy to choose the right strike for the right door. All of the door strikes are produced to easily connect to Seco-Larm keypads, simplifying installations.

The range inludes the no-cut door strike,SD-993C-D3Q, which is an horizontally adjustable keeper that accommodates latch bolt positioning.  Its vertically adjustable ramp accommodates nib positioning and it is designed for indoor use only.

There is also an electric door strike for wooden doors in this series, the SD-994C/24, which is available in 12 or 24 VDC configurations and is field selectable for fail-safe or fail-secure applications.  This product can be used on virtually any cylindrical door locking system. The SD-995C/24 is the electric door strike for metal doors and includes the same features as the SD-994C/24.

The range also incorporates an electric door strike with vertical adjustment, the SD-996C-NUVQ. As its name suggests this product has a vertical adjustable deadbolt opening, sliding shim keeper, and deadlatch ramp in order to accommodate a wide range of lock types.  These options are field selectable for fail-safe or fail-secure applications and it includes 5 different stainless-steel faceplates.

Finally the surface-mount electric rim strike, the SD-998C-NUQ is designed for surface-mount installation on metal or wooden door frames, has facility for horizontal adjustment and also works with standard rim-type exit devices.

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