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Zwipe partners at ASIS for increased global reach

Commenting on Zwipe’s recent participation at ASIS in Dallas, Einar Boije, SVP of Access Control said “ASIS 2017 was an excellent venue for us to work alongside our partners who will be taking the lead in promoting Zwipe Access solutions to the largest security market in the world” adding “we see a fast growing need for increased security for access to buildings and systems. Zwipe’s biometric access cards are a perfect fit for all those companies and organisations that want to make this necessary upgrade, but without changing their existing systems.”

Business News

Stonelock and Boon Edam team up in Dallas

Focusing on meeting customer need for enhanced security and identity verification, biometrics and ID management specialists, Stonelock and turnstile & revolving door manufacturers, Boon Edam have teamed up to collectively deliver a seamless, integrated solution for secondary biometric authentication at ASIS this week in Dallas. Frequently deployed in high-security areas where identity assurance is required, this integration provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience while meeting the requirements of the most stringent security facilities.

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