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Construction market recovery boosts protective equipment sales

Renewed interest in the residential and infrastructure sector in Western Europe is giving a much-needed boost to the construction personal protective equipment (PPE) market. With low compliance levels in the residential sector, PPE manufacturers stand to gain immensely by raising awareness of the importance of safety and offering value-added services. However, in a traditionally cost-sensitive market, they need to achieve a fine balance between innovation and affordability.


Business News

Most prominent e-ID programmes in India, Turkey and Nigeria

In a recent report Frost & Sullivan analysts have found that the global smart card market will see steady growth due to the increasing emphasis on the Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) standard in the payment and banking vertical. In 2015, multiple financial institutions in the US are expected to make their payment cards EMV-compliant. The research company predicts that countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific will follow suit.


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Balaji Srimoolanathan.

The Algerian hostage crisis - a renewed call for oil & gas infrastructure security

The Algerian gas plant hostage crisis has yet again highlighted the vulnerability of oil & gas plants around the world. Although a wide majority of attacks on oil & gas incidents have happened in the Middle east and North Africa recently, the global nature of the oil & gas industry and the impact it has on global economies demands that serious consideration is given to securing critical infrastructure. Pipelines in the United States to refineries in China and other oil & gas infrastructure around the world face varying threat levels that range from information theft to a terrorist attack. The economic impact and financial damage of such attacks are significant. Being situated in remote locations should be a cause to invest in securing these infrastructures rather than an excuse for not having adequate security. This according to Balaji Srimoolanathan at Frost & Sullivan who here comments on the issue in depth.
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