Videotec Ulisse now steered by Sightlogix

Princeton, NJ (USA) and Schio, Italy

Sightlogix, Inc., a leading smart thermal camera manufacturer for perimeter intrusion detection applications, has integrated its Sighttracker PTZ controller with Videotec’s Ulisse Compact HD PTZ. The combined solution gives users an accurate and cost-effective security solution for detecting, tracking and assessing intrusions in the outdoors.

“By integrating the world’s smartest camera with Videotec’s industry-leading PTZ camera, customers get real-time detection along with the vital details they need to make the best security decisions,” said John Romanowich, Sightlogix President and CEO.

With this integration, Sighttracker has been enhanced from supporting Videotec analogue cameras to also control Videotec IP-based Compact HD PTZ cameras, using ONVIF profile S. When used in conjunction with Sightlogix smart thermal cameras, customers can detect intruders very accurately over large areas and instantly verify targets with high quality HD video from Videotec Ulisse Compact domes.

Sighttracker solves the challenge of an operator trying to manually locate a target outdoors using a PTZ camera. Sighttracker uses GPS-based target information provided by an associated Sightsensor detection camera to automatically guide the Ulisse PTZ cameras to the precise location of detected targets and zoom in for greater detail, without any human intervention. Targets are visually displayed on the customer’s video management system, while their precise GPS location is presented on a Sightmonitor topology map. The result is a comprehensive intruder detection solution that provides the “what and where” of an intrusion for making fast decisions while capturing the event for evidence.

The integrated solution from Sightlogix and Videotec has been proven in many real-world deployments. For example, at an oil refining facility, fixed Sightsensor video analytic thermal cameras provide long-range detection around the refinery’s perimeter, while Sighttrackers automatically steer Videotec Ulisse PTZ cameras with infrared illuminators to light the target. The combination of systems creates a complete thermal detection and assessment solution over large outdoor areas without the need for visible lighting. Similar systems have been deployed to protect electric substations in Europe and North America for detecting intruders entering the facility while also sending alerts when onsite personnel get too close to high-voltage equipment. In these applications, accurate detection is combined with real-time video assessment to ensure that both security and safety requirements are met.

The Ulisse Compact HD offers a full HD image coupled with fast and accurate positioning and a 30x motorised zoom lens. In low light environments the Videotec's camera coverage is designed for up to 600ft.

Sighttrackers use GPS-based target information provided by an associated Sightsensor detection camera to automatically guide the Ulisse Compact HD to follow detected targets for greater detail without human intervention.

“The integration with Sightlogix allows our customers to benefit from enhanced situational awareness for securing outdoor infrastructure,” said Gianni Viero, Vice President of Sales at Videotec. “Our collaboration provides security personnel new options for automated security built around Videotec solutions.”


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