Solid security solutions for the construction market

Dubai, U.A.E

Safety, security and fire risks are inherent to construction projects. For that reason Intersec plans to bring world-leading specialists that will help mitigate these risks and enhance the protection of people, property and assets at this years event taking place at the Dubai Convention Center later this month.

Solutions on offer at the show will span the spectrum from fire prevention and personal protection to securing critical data and controlling access, and much more. The broadest spectrum of innovative products indispensable to almost any construction business can be found at Intersec 2017.

The very nature of construction projects means that there is a higher-than-usual incidence of work-related injuries and accidents, many of which can be limb or life-threatening.

Routine handling of hazardous materials, excessive noise and vibration, falling objects and collapsing structures pose significant risks. In addition, according to the statistics, fire and theft tend to occur frequently.

A well thought-out safety and security plan and the right methodologies and equipment are essential for maintaining optimal levels of safety on site, and a visit to Intersec could help to identify everything needed for a safer construction site.


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