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PoE and VDSL camera system saves on cable and labour costs

In traditional analogue surveillance installations, the wiring of a system is complicated. It requires coaxial cable, sometimes it may require balancing, at each camera ensure good video transmission. In addition, each camera will require its own power supply. If audio is needed in a system, independent audio wiring may also be required. GKB Security now offers a much easier and more effective installation solution, by applying their PoE and VDSL equipment, to simplify the wiring issue and save labour costs in a surveillance system installation.


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Samsung announce cameras support ONVIF standards

Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance products combining superior performance and value, announces that four Samsung 1.3-megapixel high-definition (HD) network camera models conform to Open Network Video Interface (ONVIF) standards to ensure interoperability with other network components in system-wide solutions. Samsung's model SNB-5000 box camera, model SND-5080 dome camera, model SND-5080F flush-mount dome camera and model SNV-5080 vandal-resistant dome camera all conform to ONVIF standards that promote open-system communications among IP-based physical security devices regardless of manufacturer. Each model incorporates newly developed WiseNet Digital Signal Processing, provides 1280x1024 resolution, includes an H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG triple codec with multiple simultaneous streaming, and supplies maximum 30 frames-per-second video at HD resolution.


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Lilin provides complete PoE solution for IP surveillance

Lilin announces a complete line of PoE solutions for IP surveillance. The line of full power PoE switches are compliant with PoE standard. IP surveillance specific design, each Ethernet port can provide 15.4 Watts full power for sourcing IR IP cameras. Lilin's 8-, 16-, and 24-port PoE switches are built-in with 130 Watts, 260 Watts, and 390 Watts power supplies providing reliable network transmission and power sources.


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Asoni launch high resolution 2 mega pixel outdoor cameras

Asoni, an ONVIF member, has launched a new camera series, namely the CAM627M / 624M / 628M (POE). The range is well equipped with high resolution 2 Mega-pixel CMOS sensors and support H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG video compression. They are designed to make the best use of the high-quality Auto-Iris lens (Asoni CAM627M with TAMRON lens) to enhance the performance of the cameras, and the IR radiation distances are up to 80 / 30 / 20 metres respectively by model.


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Etherwan earns certification for in-vehicle networking solutions

A series of Etherwan's hardened-grade 8-port Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet Switches, and the DD-85-48 power converter have received E-Mark certification. Etherwan in cooperation with a leading NVR manufacturer developed comprehensive in-vehicle mobile surveillance system that includes PoE switch, power converter and Network Video Recorder (NVR) equipment all certified with E-Mark that have been installed in many different vehicles.


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Multipix cameras in the largest badminton sports hall of Hungary

The biggest badminton sports hall in Hungary is built for the badminton team of the sports association and for the local community. To ensure the security and get good image quality recordings of sports event and trainings, it needs cameras with very good performance. The managers of the biggest badminton sports hall in Hungary decided to install the Multipix HD IP Cameras to record sports events and trainings as well as for the Security surveillance at the stadium.
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