Vivotek enhances user experience with new VMS, VAST 2

Taipei, Taiwan

By utilising automatic configuration wizards, VAST 2 makes it simple to set up surveillance systems.

Vivotek has unveiled the latest release of its video management software, VAST 2. Building on the underlying powerful software engine of VAST, VAST 2 reveals a brand new intuitive user interface and boasts an extended range of user-centred functionalities, including auto setup, advanced search, and custom layout as well as additional add-on functions for failover protection, transportation, and transaction solutions. The new VAST 2 is designed for efficient video management, allowing security operators to reduce both operational and maintenance costs.

“Vivotek has run through a series of alpha and beta tests before the launch of VAST 2. We have collected feedback from our customers and improved significantly both the usability and functionality to make VAST 2 an even better experience for our users. For VAST 2, we designed a problem feedback mechanism, allowing the system to detect problems automatically and enabling security operators to send feedback manually via a popup window. This feedback will be delivered directly to Vivotek’s Field Application Engineer team and accelerate our customer service,” says Perkins Chen, Director, Research and Develop Division 2, Vivotek Inc.

The VAST2 has been designed to be easy to use. By utilising automatic configuration wizards, VAST 2 makes it simple to set up surveillance systems. Users can adjust layout by simply dragging a corner of the window, a feature which also supports Vivotek Fisheye dewarp. With the addition of the evidence-lock function, it is now even easier to manage numerous investigation scenarios by manually extending the retention time of recorded videos. These videos are easily exported with custom layouts and a quick snapshot function is also available to instantly preserve this critical evidence.

With the Efficient Search feature, VAST 2 offers two types of search, smart search and thumbnail search. Both are designed to help security operators quickly filter scenarios from any suspicious scene. With smart search, users can select the specific region of interest and the system will show an array of thumbnails representing footage in which motion was detected. In addition to the thumbnail search, the feature allows the user to browse thumbnails based on time frame. Security operators can narrow down any investigation by rapidly identifying the clips of interest.

The VAST 2 also supports extensive add-ons. There are several additional functionalities in advanced features by licensing. The new VMS is equipped with failover protection, a system which transfers video recording to secondary sites in the event of any system outage, network error, or other malfunction and ensures that video recordings are never interrupted. Recognising the growing needs of vertical markets, VAST 2 demonstrates the strengths of fast integration to customise specific functions. In the transportation field, VAST 2 can track and display the real-time location of vehicles from GPS receivers and also playback videos with recorded paths. Finally, VAST 2 supports retail markets by showing any transaction on both live and playback video, and allowing users to search transactions by entering different criteria.


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