Seetec launches latest VMS upgrade

Bruchsal, Germany

Seetec has released the latest version R10 of their video management software (VMS) solution the Seetec Cayuga and Seetec BVI. While Seetec Cayuga now includes the support of the new H.265 streaming standard as well as bidirectional audio, Seetec BVI provides a new dashboard to visualise transaction and process data in real-time.

VoIP-based communication has already been possible with Seetec Cayuga using a SIP server. With the release of R10 bi-directional audio connections directly to the camera are now implemented as well. Many IP cameras already have built-in audio functionalities such as an integrated microphone or a line output. On this basis, Seetec Cayuga now offers direct voice communication in both directions – without the need for additional software components. For example, an employee in the control room can now remotely evaluate a critical situation much better, especially as he can directly communicate with a person on site. Therefore, the functionality is particularly suitable for use in combination with access control solutions, entrance doors or gates.  As a first step, voice communication is supported with Axis devices, the support of further manufacturers is in preparation.

In terms of camera and hardware integration Seetec Cayuga R10 offers innovations, too: For many manufacturers, the transfer of image streams based on H.265/HEVC is now supported. Compared to MPEG- 4, this new streaming standard reduces the required bandwidth while keeping the same image quality by up to 50 %, thus saving network resources and disk space.

While Seetec Cayuga is primarily designed as a classic security application, Seetec Business Video Intelligence (BVI) can be used to combine video and transaction data e.g. from PoS systems or scanners, enabling the gapless visual monitoring and documentation of business processes. Here the new release R10 creates visible added value for the user: With the recently developed visualisation component, transaction data and process data can be displayed graphically in dashboards in real-time. Predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) can be visualised quickly and easily using several diagram types, so deviations or recurring patterns become immediately apparent. An example from logistics: The head of a distribution centre can recognise irregularities regarding cases of loss or damage in his facility at an early stage – even remote via smartphone or tablet.


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