Panasonic launches 4K medical recording system

Bracknell, Berkshire (UK)

New Panasonic AG-MDR25 and the AG-MDC20

Panasonic has launched a new medical portable recording camera system, capturing high-definition 4K images as well as adding network capability for IP control and IP streaming.

The new POVCAM system includes an AG-MDR25 compact portable recorder and the AG-MDC20GJ 4K camera head, facilitating high-definition 4K image acquisition and advanced IP control and IP streaming. The new AG-MDR25/ AG-MDC20GJ system replaces the previous full HD AG-MDR15/AG-MDC10 and is designed for various applications in the medical environment such as medical training and surgical documentation.

The AG-MDR25 recorder features double SD memory card slots (SDXC), and is capable of advanced high-quality compression and 4K/UHD image acquisition in a compact, portable unit. The AG-MDR25 boasts improved recorder operation with a touch-panel monitor and large buttons that are covered by a membrane sheet for easy disinfection. A 3.5-inch colour LCD monitor displays content in thumbnail images for quick viewing that can be reversely displayed.

The ultra-compact AG-MDC20GJ camera head is equipped with a wide-angle 20x optical zoom lens that covers a range from 29.5 mm wide-angle to 612 mm close-ups (35mm equivalent). A 16-axis independent colour correction function allows precise colour adjustment and an optical ND filter, which can be manually switched (CLEAR, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64). Additionally, the AG-MDC20GJ is equipped with a 5-axis hybrid image stabiliser. Further refinements for the surgical and medical environment include a new surgical light mode and compliance with medical standards.

IP control and IP streaming is possible with the new recorder via LAN terminal, offering video and audio streaming distribution over a local area network as well as access from PCs and tablets via web browser. The camera can also link up to a Panasonic remote camera system IP controller for more versatile operation. Connectivity is also improved with a new HDMI output.

“This is a big step forward for Panasonic’s IMV camera range,” said Margarita Zoussevitch, European Marketing Manager for Industrial Medical Vision. “By bringing the resolution up to 4K, introducing a touch-enabled LCD panel as well as all the other improvements over the original HD version of this camera, this system is one of the most capable IMV devices on the market.”


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