Indigovision releases Control Center V14.2

Bloomfield, NJ (USA)

Indigovision, a leading developer of end-to-end video security solutions, is delighted to launch version 14.2 of its security management solution, Control Center.

Control Center v14.2 has new features which improve the user's experience by simplifying setup and day to day operation of sites.

Some of the new additions include features such as PTZ priority and hold for ONVIF cameras, which were previously only available for Indigovision Smart.core cameras, and manage simultaneous access to a PTZ camera by different users.

Bulk configuration of ONVIF cameras, also previously only available for Indigovision’s Smart.core cameras, can now be easily set up for any camera saving time and money.

Administrators can now choose to limit the oldest recordings a user can review. Previously a user could either review all recordings for a camera or none at all. The new limit is more flexible, allowing users to playback recent recordings but not older ones.

The new camera reporting functionality means that users can easily find their camera on a map or work out which NVR it is recording to. Users can now export information from Control Center to build their own custom reports.

Control Center is also available in three cost-value tiered propositions; Indigolite, Indigopro, and Indigoultra.


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