Dahua video intercom SIP solution helps provide peace of mind

Hangzhou, China

Nowadays almost everything is expected to be done in a fast, real-time and safe way. Residential complexes and office buildings sometimes have difficulties managing visitors and in-house communication, as traditional methods are now becoming too time consuming and cumbersome.  To address these issues, Dahua has launched a new comprehensive and intelligent video intercom SIP Solution to manage visitors and in-house communications for better safety and higher efficiency with less manual labour required.

Dahua has launched a new comprehensive and intelligent Video Intercom SIP Solution to manage visitors and in-house communications for better safety and higher efficiency with less manual labour required.

SIP is an international standard video phone protocol, featuring open and easy access. The end-to-end Dahua video intercome systems support standard SIP protocols, providing reliable cameras, mobile phone App, integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure residential complexes, office buildings, and other fields requiring audio and video intercom are well guarded and efficiently operated.

Dahua Video Intercom SIP solution is comprised of 4 featured functions: Intercom, Mobile Phone App, Security Upgrade, and Platform Management (SIP Server).

For inter-communication (Intercom), the SIP phone installed next to doors can remain in use or replaced by Dahua's intercom unit to create group calls; accordingly, users are able to listen in from anywhere. Calls can be made within the house or to other houses with indoor intercom units and/or SIP phones.  Two-way calls can be made between all devices and management centres, enabling calls to be made for emergency assistance to property management centres.

The SIP solution is designed with a mobile phone App function in order for a home owner to acknowledge visitors when they are not there. When visitors drop by and press the intercom, the system with the App function will forward the voice and images through the indoor unit to the user's phone unit. A house owner can set calls to be forwarded directly to his mobile phone; using the settings, when no one answers the intercom or the intercom is busy, the indoor unit will forward the incoming signals to the configured mobile phone, ensuring a quick response to a visitor.

The Intercom SIP solution will upgrade a house security.  House doors can be installed with a single-button device to serve as a secondary confirmation by guests. Indoor devices provide real-time IPC monitoring and can switch between multiple channels. In addition, the indoor units can also be connnected to multiple alarm sensors, providing all-round security. So whether the user goes out or stays at home, he can enjoy peace of mind and comfort.

The SIP Server VTSS5000 is an integrated system for video intercom and video management. It offers storage services, system operation, and hardware in one box, enabling true plug-and-play deployment. It is light and small and the optimised software is able to manage 5000 video intercom IDs and 200 IP devices as a professional management platform. The embedded Linux system has been designed for reliability and high security to maintain stable operation and efficient system performance 24/7. 


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