Smart parking solution meets the challenge

In the last two decades, global economic growth has led to a tremendous increase in vehicles in almost every corner of the world. Reports have shown that in cities, most high rise apartment buildings have had difficulties managing their parking spaces. ID card issuing, billing, entrance control and payment made the entrance procedure very inefficient. Traditional smart card management systems limit the access to those who hold an allocated smart card. However, cards could be stolen and the processing of a lost card is inconvenient.

Experienced in video surveillance, Dahua is now launching this new comprehensive and intelligent car parking solution. The Dahua smart car park solution is based upon video surveillance and video analysis technologies. Moreover, it is integrated with a background smart analysis system - DH-DSS4004-EMS. The entrance control function of the Dahua smart car park solution saves on labour costs, and also delivers an easier as well as a safer entry experience.

The Dahua Smart Car Park Entrance Control function is designed with 4 essential aspects. The first is to build a digital entrance control system with ANPR cameras. Efficiency is largely enhanced using ANPR technology. Authorised vehicles will be identified by the ANPR camera, which reads car license plates and controls the gate. For visitors, the VTT201 video intercom is used; by pressing the video intercom button to talk to the owner or operator.

And, the high-accuracy LPR (License Plate Recognition) via the ANPR camera results in real-time entrance surveillance. The ANPR cameras ITC237-PU1A-IRHL perform recognition that covers all license plates from European countries at a rate higher than 95%. No loops in the system also simplifies the installation.

The Dahua NVR5208-8P-4KS2 supports 4K ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) recording, live viewing, playback and fuzzy search functions. If using the refine search function, information including vehicle picture, license plate number, entry &exit history log, and recorded video will be displayed in the window. The NVR also supports the export of license plate data strings with the exact date, time, channel etc. to a USB memory.

The DH-DSS4004-EMS, a Windows-based management software featuring background smart analysis, is designed to build a comprehensive smart management centre for a system. It is cross-functional, easy to use, and cost effective. The management centre can respond to emergency calls from the VTT201, and supports the search of video and image by date/time/license plate number from the storage.

Using advanced technology (ITC237 ANPR cameras,NVR5208-8P-4KS2 4K NVR, DH-DSS4004-EMS smart analysis system and etc.), the Entrance Control function of the Dahua Smart Car Park solution has been designed to deliver high efficiency and safe entry for residential compounds. In addition, this solution is scalable for expansion with compound infrastructure growth and it is also flexible to upgrade with changing technology.  Dahua will be adding more new functions to its Smart Car Park system in the near future.


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