Crystal RFID+Bluetooth reader with OLED display

Shenzhen, China

Following the 3.5" OLED touch-screen terminal, to complete their Crystal series, Civintec Global is now launching a new RFID and Bluetooth reader to showcase at the upcoming ISC West 2017 from the 5th-7th April in Las Vegas, USA.

The brandnew Crystal keypad is equipped with a 2.4” OLED display with a mechanical keypad in a housing for outdoor applications. 

As it is a 125KHz/13.56MHz RFID reader, the Crystal is able to read CSN or encrypted protected data from 13.56MHz smart cards utilising key diversification and mutual authentication routines. It can be equipped with one or more SAM modules for secure data encryption.

The Crystal keypad is featured with a mobile key application through ISO18092 NFC and Bluetooth technology as well, with more data transmission options such as Ethernet, RS485 OSDP protocol, and wiegand, USB.


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