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"Video surveillance and the vigilance of our security officers are the best combination to ensure the security of our guests, our staff and our property", says Bastian Bernhagen, co-owner and floor manager at the Gibson.

Real-time video surveillance in hot Frankfurt "Gibson" live music club

The largest live music club in Europe, Gibson, is located right in Frankfurt's high street, the Zeil, and is one of the biggest draws in Frankfurt nightlife. The club hosts exceptional live music events which captivate up to 900 guests every night. With the aid of a video surveillance system made by ABUS, the security staff at the club can always keep an eye on everything happening. This allows any incidents which could spoil the party to be spotted and resolved quickly.

Case Study

IP video secures beautiful Monaco

Nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe, the Principality of Monaco is an international hub of wealth and enterprise. People of 119 nationalities live here together successfully. Bankers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, people from all walks of life, mingle together in Monaco, which over time has developed into one of the most cosmopolitan and popular states in the world. One reason for this popularity is the low criminality in the principality, the result, among other things, of many years of IP video surveillance.

Case Study

Until now, only two entrance gates were monitored using standard analogue cameras. Four more high-quality analogue cameras have now been combined with an ADPRO by Xtralis Passive-Infrared Detector (PIR).

Complete perimeter protection safeguards Rurtalwerkstätten in Germany

Break-in, theft and vandalism are problems that every factory premise has to contend with, including Rurtalwerkstätten in düren, North Rhine-westphalia. The fact that its particular focus is on the integration of disabled persons into working life is unfortunately no deterrent to thieves. The company's Niederzier site has suffered repeated break-ins and items have been stolen from its metal and glass bottle storage facility. Now however, thanks to an ingenious security concept and a combination of video, motion detection and sensor systems, Rurtalwerkstätten is fighting back.

Case Study

Security on the buses of Madrid

Stepping up security on the buses of Madrid

Thousands of buses made safer with network video on board. Imagine that you are responsible for the overall security on the public buses in a major city. You have thousands of buses in your fleet, operating day and night. The society's crime trends are against you, showing increasing numbers each year, and your budget makes it impossible to have security guards on board. Still, your main goal is to create a safe working environment for the drivers and an attractive transportation option for the city's commuters, citizens and tourists. What would you do, and where would you start?

Case Study

Bodø airport in Norway.

Bodø airport in Norway - video system based on wide-area surveillance provides more security

Bodø airport is situated in Norway's Nordland province. It has a runway with a length of 2,794 meters and a width of 45 meters, running east - west. In addition to flights to Oslo and other larger Norwegian towns, regional airlines fly from Bodø to the Lofoten islands. In 2007, the airport counted about 1.5 million passengers. To monitor security-related areas indoors and outdoors, Siemens supplied and installed an intelligent video surveillance system. The ordering party for the project was Avinor AS Norway, the airport operator, which is responsible for almost the entire airport network system in the country.

Case Study

Every detail of the process, starting from when a shipment enters the gates of the warehouse until it leaves the DHL premises had to be monitored.

DHL Exel Supply Chain secured by megapixel cameras

To keep up with its expanding business throughout Europe, DHL Exel Supply Chain, a global leader in transport, freight, and logistics, built a new logistics center in late 2006. The 2,400 square meter (25,800 sq. ft.) warehouse is located in Rosersberg, close to Arlanda airport. With more than 1.5 billion shipments every year, DHL must guarantee the highest level of security for warehousing and transportation of its packages, while simultaneously protecting their own assets and people.

Case Study

Fifteen years ago the Municipality of Milan started to design a city-wide surveillance system with the ambition to protect its citizens as well as making the legal system more effective.

City-wide intelligent surveillance in Milan

Milan is one of the biggest cities in Italy and houses around 1.3 million people within the city borders and around 7 million in the larger Milan metropolitan area. Now the Municipality of Milan is increasing its investment in large scale video surveillance in order to prevent crime and to protect the city and its assets. To make the surveillance maximum efficient intelligent analytics has been added to the system. Detektor visited Milan to take a closer look at the surveillance system and to make bring you this report.
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