Study reveals cyber security needs less tech and more attention

Mclean, Va (USA)

As network technologies reach deeper into our personal, professional, and even political lives, the threats posed by cyber security breaches grow in number and degree. A new study from researchers at the Security Lancaster Institute, Lancaster University, now provides a unique, qualitative analysis for the detection of organisational vulnerabilities.

To determine “how signals of these vulnerabilities can be obtained in a systematic way,” the authors conducted interviews with academics, consultants and security managers. The results gathered indicate that most vulnerability signals are “attentional” in nature, reflecting “biases, gaps and limitations” in the attention that organisations give to the threat of a cyber attack. More robust technology, the authors suggest, can only help so much when organisational biases emphasise physical security over cyber security or minimize cyber security threats by denying their probability so managers can avoid professional embarrassment.

This study offers organisations with critical control systems at risk from cyber security threats an important corrective to overdependence on technology-only solutions by emphasising how much organisational biases make cyber attacks possible.

The study is entitled “Organizational Vulnerability and Cybersecurity Risk to Industrial Control Systems: Developing a Systematic Attentional Framework,” and is by Alberto Zanutto, Sylvain Frey, Karolina Follis, Awais Rashid and Jerry Busby, all from the Security Lancaster Institute, Lancaster University.

Dr. Busby will be formally presenting this paper at the June 19-21 conference of the Society for Risk Analysis in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. 


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Grenfell fire - could it have been avoided?

Euralarm has joined with its UK Member the FIA in expressing its sincere condolences to all those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. In addition, they praise the fire service for its prompt and professional response.  

Notably, in the following statement the organisation says that the knowledge and technology readily exists to avoid such catastrophic fires on such a scale and that it will continue to campaign to improve fire safety legislation. 

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