ONSSI & Seetec secure new investment for growth

Pearl River, NY (USA) and Bruchsal, Germany

ONSSI has confirmed the completion of a $16-million private placement by Seacoast Capital, an institutional investor focused on high quality companies based in the USA, with Imperial Capital acting as financial advisor and placement agent.

Seacoast’s first investment in the company will be used to leverage ONSSI’s innovative technologies and reputation in large scale VMS to extend their reach into the middle market with an easy to install appliance and to expand the Business Video Intelligence (BVI) business of its affiliate, Seetec GbmH. Given Seacoast’s history of supporting high growth enterprises, it will also provide ONSSI with access to additional working capital over the entire term of its investment, ensuring the company can take advantage of future business initiatives on a global scale, while also providing for a conservatively structured and strong balance sheet.

“We have never been better positioned to support our global customers. ONSSI and Seetec have created a dynamic business proposition by providing leading open architecture based VMS and BVI solutions for the security and logistics markets respectively, and now with this strategic investment by Seacoast, we are strongly positioned for accelerated growth through our core business and key initiatives,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, ONSSI.

Stephan Rasp, Managing Director of Seetec, added: “The IP video market is rapidly changing. For VMS companies like us it is no longer just about producing software but taking an active part as a solution specialist in increasingly complex security and business process ecosystems. The recent investment by Seacoast allows us to strengthen our unique position in the market and to grow market share as independent provider of VMS.”

“We were impressed with the superiority of the technology and management’s dedication and focus on innovation and customer service. As one of the very few remaining independent VMS providers of scale, we are excited to be an investor in the company,” said Timothy Fay, Partner, Seacoast Capital.

“ONSSI’s marquee customer base and prospective customers will benefit from the launch of new and innovative solutions that will come to market on an expedited timeline now with Seacoast’s financial backing. We are pleased to have assisted in bringing these partners together,” said John E. Mack III, Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Investment Banking, Imperial Capital.

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The command and control room and public safety answering point (PSAP) market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.1 percent from $5.4 billion in 2015 to reach $7.6 billion in 2020, according to IHS Markit. Major factors spurring market growth include national public safety initiatives like Firstnet and NG911 in the United States, technology integration and system interoperability, the increasing value placed on “big data” and analytics, and control room consolidation.

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Genetec Synergis Cloudlink

Genetec all set to launch Synergis SaaS at ASIS

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