Forget about keys! Upgrade to wireless access control

Whether you want to invest in a new wireless access control system or upgrade your existing doors, Aperio® is the intelligent answer to 21st Century building control.

Aperio® wireless locks can be deployed efficiently in any size of business, helping you take control with a system that is quick and easy to install and delivers significant cost and energy savings.
That´s the Aperio® Effect.

Why Aperio®?

- Wireless locks are a cost-effective way to extend new and existing access control systems

- Wireless and battery-powered locks are easy and quick to install, and much cheaper to run than traditional, wired locking solutions

- Aperio integrates seamlessly with almost 100 leading access control systems

- Aperio supports the leading open standard for offline Integration (OSS)

- The range has cylinders, escutcheons and complete locks for all kinds of door formats, interior and exterior, as well as for server racks

- Aperio wireless access control is deployed and trusted worldwide, in settings as diverse as health care, education, offices, arenas and industrial plants

Learn how to save costs and increase your security with Aperio® and visit our landing page:

Product News

Dahua Technology launches ePoE IP system

Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is launching a system of extended Power over Ethernet (ePoE) devices including cameras, network switches and network recorders. Dahua ePoE IP system supports up to 800 metres between the ePoE camera and the ePoE network switch or ePoE NVR with an embedded switch. It overcomes the limitations of traditional Ethernet and POE (both restrict cable distances to around 100 metres (328 feet) between network ports) and eliminates the need for Ethernet extension devices or additional network switches.

Business News

Schema for Dahua facial recognition technology

The future is here - when surveillance meets AI

What will the world be like when surveillance meets AI (Analytics Intelligence)?

According to an IHS report from September 2016, security camera shipments continue to grow at 14.1% CAGR and are predicted to reach 190 million units in 2020, despite revenue growth having slowed to 8.1% CAGR. There are just too many cameras and video footage to be digested by human operators. Most security video footage is erased or over-written without being watched. Video Analytics (VA) Technology was once perceived as a solution to automate the utilisation of abundant video footage resources. By means of identifying and tagging the appearance of certain patterns in a video, the VA or AI system could perform search and run statistics on it.

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