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The Dahua XVR, a true Penta-brid video recorder, is a new development based on an industry leading open structure and compatible with multiple access technologies. It is the perfect solution to upgrade existing video surveillance systems.

The XVR supports 4 mainstream analogue camera types on the market, not only traditional CVBS (analogue) cameras, but also HDCVI, AHD and TVI , as well as IP cameras. Moreover, XVR recognises the signal formats from cameras automatically, including both Dahua cameras and third party cameras. True plug & play means operation is more user friendly and convenient.

Support for POC (power over coaxial) helps the XVR to simplify the users’ network cable construction, eases the wiring of power cable and maximizes user benefits. In addition, users can switch video channel type from the OSD menu or via the HDCVI UTC controller.

Further, the Dahua VMS, when partnered with Geutebruck, GeoVision, Heitel, etc., serves as the user interface to command and control Video Surveillance Systems, which consist of imagers, recording devices, extended storage, intelligent analytics, user display and control interfaces (such as monitors, video walls & keyboards).

High performance
The Dahua XVR brings a newly designed chassis with low-noise fan and hive structure heat dissipation. Smart H.264+ Codec is applied to the XVR to save up to 50% bandwidth and storage. The upgrade of power electronics components and interface protection enhances the XVR’s quality in terms of anti-cross talk, anti-ESD and anti-surge.

Intelligent functions
Equipped with the intelligent functions such as IVS and face detection, the XVR records and analyses events such as tripwire, intrusion and disappearance from the image. In addition, these intelligent functions meet with the application requirements of high efficiency and intelligence. The XVR combines the simplicity of analogue systems with rich camera functionality to achieve simple installation and easy operation.

Designed to be fully intelligent, the Dahua XVR is able to provide end users with the simplicity of an analogue system, with flexibility and a wide selection of cameras. Significant savings on total system cost is achieved by ease of installation and reuse of existing coaxial cabling. Therefore, it is ideal for a wide range of applications such as public safety, retail stores, transportation, stadiums, recreation centres, home surveillance and education, etc.

XVR41/4200 Series 720P

  • Full channels 720P real-time recording
  • HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS self-adaptive plug and play
  • 1/2/2 extra IP channels
  • Powerful network performance
  • Up to 6TB capacity for each SATA

XVR51/5200 Series 1080P-Lite

  • Full channels 1080P non-real-time/720P real-time recording
  • HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS self-adaptive plug and play
  • 2/4/8 extra IP channels
  • Powerful network performance
  • IVS, Face detection, Smart H.264+

XVR71/7200 Series 1080P

  • Full channels 1080P real-time recording
  • HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS self-adaptive plug and play
  • 2/4/8 extra IP channels
  • Powerful network performance
  • IVS, Face detection, Smart H.264+

About Dahua Technology
Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of professional security and surveillance equipment. Over the past 15 years, Dahua Technology has invested heavily into the Research and Development of innovative solutions that improve public safety. Dahua’s solutions are designed to be scalable and modular to provide flexible configuration options. The company is ranked 4th in the Security 50 rankings from A&S International for 2016. Dahua enjoys the world’s second largest market share according to the IHS 2016 report.
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